DNA and your Family Search.

Well is it worth the money to have a DNA test done if you are missing people in your family tree past. Our answer would be a resounding Yes. But you need to know what you are looking for before you buy a test kit. The more markers you have tested the better the results will be overall, but the more expensive the test. National Geographics, DNA Tribes, Family Tree DNA and others perform these tests. You can do a Ancestral Origins, which will tell you where your ancestors came from. Then there is Y-DNA Testing and mtDNA Testing, Only men can have both done, women can have mtDNA done. Again the more markers the more people you can find with just your brand of DNA. What does that mean? Some of these folks know their family tree back to the 1600’s or more so if you are missing someone in your tree they may be able to help you figure it out. Example: One of our trees we were missing Great-Great-Great grandfather’s Father. Most of his information was lost during the Civil War. Thanks to the testing we were able to jump farther back in time to a relative. The person that had the information about the distant relation helped us to move forward in time to figure out who Father of our Great-Great-Great Grandfather was. Not only that but because of testing done by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and made public we found out that the men of the family are related to Niall Nóigiallach – Niall of the Nine Hostages, legendary King of Ireland who died in 405. Although a number of historian actually believe he died sometime around 450. If you test through Family Tree DNA, they can convert your results over to a couple other services. Although we were not as impressed with the Ancestral Origins, because at this time they only do 8 markers. They other two tests for finding ancestors was the best value from them linking us with more people who knew their trees. DNA Tribes does a 27 Marker Ancestral Origins test which turned out to be far more interesting. When you decided to use this method, do check everyone out, prices and testimonial may also help you make up your mind.

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