Lost in the Cemetery, missing a relative.

Missing a relative that should be buried in some such cemetery as recorded by a family member, well don’t be surprised if you can’t find them where you thought they were. This is a real problem. In some cases it could be that they are where you think they are and the records for that cemetery may have gotten lost as well as the head stone for them being lost or just plan impossible to read.
Some cemeteries are going to computer versions and some are still on 3 X 5 cards as I found out recently and even some are it rather large books with drawings of plots and the names on some plots have faded away.
This can pose a problem for those using the cemetery to find people.
Two of the most interesting mistakes we have found out searching is stole headstones, and one that had the wrong information on it that had replaced the faded one that was there before.
Be careful. Even in a cemetery things are not always what they seem.

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