Why do they feel the need?

Awhile ago I had run into a section of the family that was very upset by Mormons re-baptizing dead relatives. I totally understood where they were coming from because the relatives in question couldn’t defend themselves because they were dead. Reason for them being upset is that it supersede whichever religion they were previously baptized under.

Take a peak at this guys take on this.

A Chronicle of the Mormon/Jewish Situation.

Another thing I should mention when doing research on information gathered by the Mormon church and put out on their website. It’s not always right. I have come across a number of documents that have been wrongly translated.

I have had family members in Germany tell them that they have had issues getting records thanks to the Mormon Church, seems they are not above taking records. So now it’s harder then ever to get some records from the German archives. I thought they were kidding at first until I started seeing and hearing this from other people. We like to thanks them for putting records online but now more than ever I wish they would double check themselves and quit making problems for the rest of us.

I can’t stress enough that you need to check your facts.