When DNA testing works.

Meet the problem child, so to speak. Reuben was alive during the Civil War and as with many people during the Civil War a number of their records are missing. So best guess was to try a DNA test of a current living male. This actually help surprisingly well. By jumping past the person we were missing we managed to find him the other direction, mainly because a number of the people who had been testing had their entire family tree. Also it didn’t hurt us to go through some only letters and find a couple of names that had been overlooked. With this we made the links. The side benefit of the test was that we learned that our male descendant was also one of the 3 Million who is related to Nialls of the Nine Hostages. There is some amazing things you will learn from testing. Another interesting thing we did learn from testing more family members. If you believe that you have Native American DNA. We did another set of test because a Professor friend said oddly enough that sometimes people you aren’t the direct descendant from the full native, it ma still show up in you DNA profile. We have seen how the tests differ and that sometimes things you don’t expect show up. My advice error on the side of try to anyway. You also may discover something very interesting in your family.

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