Cemetaries of Nebraska

A couple of weeks ago I decide to finally meet a couple of cousins in Nebraska. Not only did I receive loads of information about one section of the family, but we went around to some of the cemeteries that hold the remains of some of the relatives.
I found that most of the cemeteries we visited were out between farms.
I was very curious to see one of our families most famous grave sites, which i thought was also out in a field. When we got there I discovered it was now in the middle of a housing development.
One of the people who had been living next to the memorial came out and visited with us. She said I was only the second person in 20 years that she had met that was a relative of the family buried there.
She also told me that every Memorial day she decorated the memorial. It was her way of honoring the pioneers, she told me.
I was very happy when she sent me a picture of the memorial.

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